Maria Jäger is an independent Berlin-based fashion designer and product developer with Romanian roots. 

She started her career with an apprenticeship as a tailor at a traditional menswear label followed by her product development studies. She has been working as design and pattern maker for various prestigious fashion brands from prêt-à-porter to haute couture since 2012. As head of the atelier of a Berlin couture label she was responsible for the design development and has accompanied the presentation of the collections at the fashion week in Paris for several years. 

In 2018 she founded the DESIGN & SCHNITTAGENTUR BERLIN, a B2B-Agency for pattern development. The label MARIA JÄGER was launched in 2020.  


MARIA JÄGER represents timeless couture fashion with a touch of mystic influence. Her love for traditional couture techniques are an essential part of her creations. 

The couture collections are dedicated to women who are looking for a timeless look that let them maintain natural uniqueness and accentuate beauty. The incredibly light dresses guarantee an uncomplicated and comfortable wearing without overloading and appearing disguised. The collections create an authentic look for women who want to keep their personality as well as natural beauty also at special occasions. 
The innovative pattern constructions promise a perfect fit and a unique piece of timeless elegance. 
All designs are made of luxurious and selected materials and exclusively manufactured in Berlin. 
A sustainable production and mindful handling of the materials are particularly important to us. Therefore we produce only made-to-order pieces exclusively in Germany and source all materials from Europe.